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Sergey Mezhericher

“Our whole life is a game.” It’s possible… In any case it is in theater that the true nature of the human soul, character and reason for being are unveiled.

Naziay Miftakhova

Naziay Miftakhova

Something alien but unusually familiar, strong but easily hurt, incredibly simple but surprisingly complex; all of this can be summated in one word – theater.

Дмитрий ВишневскийENG

Дмитрий ВишневскийENG

Nobody said that it would be easy, but as Antoine de Saint Exupery once said, “We must answer for that, which we have tamed.”


Maria Vishnevskaya


Ilya Prikazchikov

What is our life…a GAME? or theater? What is the difference when the core meaning of both is the same? There is a role for everyone: a housewife, a businessman, a soft character, or a strict one…

Stas Kleyman

An opportunity to transfer to a new dimention, even for a short time. An opportunity to take those who are dear to me on this wonderful ride. An opportunity to gift new feelings and emotions to myself and to the audience.

Inna -Karpova

Inna Karpova

Theater…With me it happened absolutely naturally…as if I walked up to an open window, through which one can see everything:

Alexander Kamenev

And for the third time, while burning on a tile gas, lately on mind the mashed potatoes and a silk mattress, I shall not write about heart, theater as a socially constructed skeleton, in fact for me to do so is not "a must".

Dasha Afanasova

I have been involved in theater, in one form or another, since i was a child. It wasn't constant but the desire was always there. "Theater is like a drug - impossible to quit, and always lacking in your life if you've tried it even once."

Kristina Guzikova

After getting a backstage education, I first stepped out onto the theatrical sphere at the age of 10 and I haven't been able to leave since. A couple years later theater received permanent residency in my heart and constantly reminds me that it is not just a hobby, but a big responsibility.

Ludmila Shaibl

Marina Muzychenko

Stas Bogdashin

It's good when there's a place where you're welcome. It's even better when in this place, playing and joking, your view of the surrounding world and people changes without the aid of illegal substances.