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Chicago metropolitan area

About us

Once upon a time, not that long ago, in the windy city, called Chicago, appeared something truly joyful and wonderful – a theater was born… Although, it might be that it was not at all an accident, but that the theater always existed, secretly perhaps. Patiently and passionately, the theater waited for its habitants; for those, who lived somewhere nearby… However, this is a long story, and we will tell it some other time… It is peculiar to all of us to get lost in thoughts, to get carried away, to fall in love, to get disappointed, to fight, to loose and to find oneself lost in thoughts once again… And to do many other things, which would, eventually, help us in struggles of defining ourselves. This is our life. This is us. And this is the theater – a place where we can do all of the above only with you and only for you.

Yours truly,