A Very Simple Story

 This is a story about love, a love between a man and a woman, a love of life. A story about heroism and self sacrifice; a tale that highlights the difference between what is made up and what is true. The world is no longer divided into "us" and "them," but is brought together in happiness and the light of truth.

A Very Simple Story is a melange of comedy, tragedy and lyricism. Like in life, all three go hand in hand. In its 5 years of existence, over 70 theaters in Russia, and Ukraine have put on this play. The play and its author - Maria Lado, have received the highest theatrical and lyrical awards among which is a nomination for "Proryv" in the Golden Mask festival. Now the Chicago audience can see for themselves that the genius is in the simple things.
Director —Vladimir Ivanovich Fedorov


Photographer of the theater - Violetta Muzychenko