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Легенда О Нарнии

The Legend of Narnia

"The Legend of Narnia" is a grandiose theater and musical production with an engaging plot, bewitching music, unique decorations and costumes and, of course, with the unforgettable acting of theater members! Moreover, there will be illusionists and magicians taking part in the play, who will not let children feel bored even for a second, so that they don't loose the magical feeling of being in a fairy tale land even during the intermission. We're waiting for YOU at this fantastic play that will give children and their parents a unique feeling of joy, wonder and true theater magic!

Welcome to the magical world of Narnia! A world filled with hundreds of fairy tale characters: from magical Fauns and gnomes to the majestic centaur, the birthplace of myths and legends. Every day here is filled with wonders and nothing surprises the inhabitants of Narnia. However, for the last 100 years the evil Queen has been in power, and she has been taking from the inhabitants something most precious - their belief in goodness and magic. And only the bravest, most courageous and goodhearted children can defeat evil and truly free the Narnians.  The play will captivate the audience, not even for a moment letting them leave the wonderful, amazing story and bringing back the beauty of the New Year even when the holidays have been celebrated and have long since passed. Will the children be victorious in the magical battle for Narnia?  And who will be the new king of this magical land? You will discover all of this during the exciting and amusing production of the Tet-a-Tet theater, "The Legend of Narnia."

Невероятные Приключения Барона Мюнхгаузена

The Unbelievable Adventures of Baron Munchausen

A magical, dramatic play that uses puppets, video, animation, as well as elements of shadow theater. Based on the book by Rudolf E. Raspe and Gottfreid A. Burger for children ages 4 and up. 


Who is Munchausen - the Lying Baron? Or the "Most truthful person alive"? Where is the line between truth and fiction drawn? Does it even matter, especially if you're traveling with the most resourceful, brave and witty partner, who can show you the way to the moon itself! Just don't forget to grab your imagination on your way out the door, for there are adventures that wait for you - a meeting with a wolf in the snowy Russian plains, and another with either an African lion or a polar bear! Most importantly - the baron can't get to the moon without your help! Best of all, guests can receive personal advice on how to get out of a tight spot from the most renowned world traveler - Baron Hieronymus Carl Friedrich con Munchausen.


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Butterflies Are Free

He and she are young and talented. He dreams of being a great rock and roll musician, she sees herself as becoming a great actress. Both are tired of the boring provincial life, both dream of conquering New York. It is here that they accidentally meet and, following the laws of this genre, they fall in love: the “American dream.” Only real life, unlike the directors of Hollywood movies, doesn’t give out happy ends very often, but maybe our heroes still have a chance to be “free, like butterflies?”




A Very Simple Story

This is a story about love, a love between a man and a woman, a love of life. A story about heroism and self sacrifice; a tale that highlights the difference between what is made up and what is true. The world is no longer divided into "us" and "them," but is brought together in happiness and the light of truth.
A Very Simple Story is a melange of comedy, tragedy and lyricism. Like in life, all three go hand in hand. In its 5 years of existence, over 70 theaters in Russia, and Ukraine have put on this play. The play and its author - Maria Lado, have received the highest theatrical and lyrical awards among which is a nomination for "Proryv" in the Golden Mask festival. Now the Chicago audience can see for themselves that the genius is in the simple things.

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Run For Your Wife

Everyday business, daily running around, emotional blankness and not answering for one’s actions are what bring taxi driver John Smith to a “too married” state of being. For a time both wives remain oblivious of each other’s existence, and their husband regulates his life with both women on a strict schedule, but, life cannot be scheduled by any plan: something unusual happens, and the carefully constructed mechanism of John Smith’s life sticks.





This is not just a story about different people who found themselves in the harsh reality of the Soviet Army. This is not just another tale about “grandfathers” and “newbies.” This is not just a play about random people. This is a story about US, and it is familiar to us all. It is an unforgettable war of worlds, a battle between what is right and what is in your best interests. It is winning and being beaten, not out on the battlefield, but inside oneself. It is a story about the fate of several completely different people, who happened to be in the same place at the same time.

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Fedot Strelec

Based on Russian folklore

Directed by Semen Tabachnikov