The Legend of Narnia

Невероятные Приключения Барона Мюнхгаузена


Looking forward to see you soon!

"The Legend of Narnia" is a grandiose theater and musical production with an engaging plot, bewitching music, unique decorations and costumes and, of course, with the unforgettable acting of theater members! Moreover, there will be illusionists and magicians taking part in the play, who will not let children feel bored even for a second, so that they don't loose the magical feeling of being in a fairy tale land even during the intermission. We're waiting for YOU at this fantastic play that will give children and their parents a unique feeling of joy, wonder and true theater magic!


 Performance takes place:

27 December at 5:00 РМ      and       04 January at 5:00 РМ

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