Сергей Межеричер

Sergey Mezhericher

“Our whole life is a game.” It’s possible… In any case it is in theater that the true nature of the human soul, character and reason for being are unveiled. In the process of forming our troupe, many different and multifaceted events occurred, thanks to which, a new Russian theater was formed in Chicago.

Being an actor isn’t a profession, it’s more of a way of life that we choose for ourselves: the calling of any true actor – giving happiness to people, developing and understanding yourself and the world. Theater is like a Solaris where the mélange of thoughts, feelings and actions of all participants comes together. It is because of this that a live dialogue is essential, a "Tet-a-Tet"...
Дмитрий Вишневский

Dmitriy Vishnevskiy

Nobody said that it would be easy, but as Antoine de Saint Exupery once said, “We must answer for that, which we have tamed,” and it’s true, how can a person abandon to which he created himself, grew to love, and without which he finds it hard to imagine life?

Yes, theater is work, hard work, for if you leave a rehearsal not feeling wasted and tired, you cheated, you didn’t work properly, and the audience won’t forgive that. Yes, theater is work, but a kind of work that you do, to relax. Theater is a fragile being, and it is very simple to blow out the flame of its heart, but our duty as parents of “Tet-a-Tet” consists of guarding and enlarging the flame of our theatrical heart.


Надежда Мифтахова

Naziay Miftakhova

Something alien but unusually familiar, strong but easily hurt, incredibly simple but surprisingly complex; all of this can be summated in one word – theater. One would think that all of these feelings could not coexist together, but in theater they not only exist, their harmony is essential for the creation of a full-fledged person, as an individual and as an actor. Theater is an art, and art wants a mixture of emotions and feelings that are contradictory to one another, continuing to surprise their hosts and their fans.
Инна Карпов

Inna Karpova

With me it happened absolutely naturally…as if I walked up to an open window, through which one can see everything: love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, laughter and tears, happiness and sadness… so much of everything that the list could become endless…It is in the heart of theater where all of our feelings live, grow and develop.

Sometimes you need to freeze…die…burst, in the electrically charged air on stage, into a million little pieces that are like snowflakes: each piece essentially different from the other…each also solitary…fall in love with everyone and yourself and…fly…and not know that somewhere there is a limit to theater.
Илья Приказчиков

Ilya Prikazchikov

What is our life…a GAME? or theater? What is the difference when the core meaning of both is the same? There is a role for everyone: a housewife, a businessman, a soft character, or a strict one… On stage we have the possibility to live another life; it may be shorter, but you can be whoever you want, be louder and more vivid than in real life.

I am thankful to life for the ability to be…to be that person who I have become, giving worry and love on the stage of “Tet-a-Tet” to whoever comes to our plays, and to those, who I know…
Olga Kirsanova

Olga Kirsanova



Roman Tikhonov

Roman Tykhonov



Aleksandr Kamenev

Alexander Kamenev


And for the third time, while burning on a tile gas, lately on mind the mashed potatoes and a silk mattress,
I shall not write about heart, theater as a socially constructed skeleton, in fact for me to do so is no "must".
And at the same time those rehearsals, shows, which speaking of, squeeze out as bast,
I am kind of vigorous to be in here, in soul, as this is my sincere world, which lives in us!

Also, I am behind the sound apparatus during plays and perform sometimes as well.

Kristina Guzikova

Kristina Guzikova


After getting a backstage education, I first stepped out onto the theatrical sphere at the age of 10 and I haven't been able to leave since. A couple years later theater received permanent residency in my heart and constantly reminds me that it is not just a hobby, but a big responsibility. A responsibility for the emotional world of the viewer, for his worries and feelings; for what he, the viewer, will take away with him in his soul after the curtain's fall. Will he be thoughtful? Will he change?I would really like these positive changes to occur. Otherwise, why?

Boris Kofman

Boris Kofman



Dasha Afanasova

Dasha Afanasova

I have been involved in theater, in one form or another, since i was a child. It wasn't constant but the desire was always there. One time when i was talking to a fellow actress she said, " Theater is like a drug - impossible to quit, and always lacking in your life if you've tried it even once." These words ended up being the truth for me - after my first time on stage in front of an audience, I was hooked on theater, with no way out.


Stas Kleyman

Stas Kleyman


An opportunity to transfer to a new dimention, even for a short time.
An opportunity to take those who are dear to me on this wonderful ride.
An opportunity to gift new feelings and emotions to myself and to the audience. And it doesn't matter, whether the part is comic or tragic, positive or negative, small or large. An opportunity to look at the world a little bit differently and show the world a little bit different.
This is why I come out on the stage. Whether I succeed or not is for you to judge...

Dmitri Peskov

Dmitri Peskov



Ludmila Shaibl

Ludmila Shaibl



Леонид Евский

Leonid Evskiy


Стас Богдашин

Stas Bogdashin


It's good when there's a place where you're welcome. It's even better when in this place, playing and joking, your view of the surrounding world and people changes without the aid of illegal substances. Ladies and gentlemen, the drug of the theater Tet-a-Tet has been tested and approved by us: seriously and permanently bringing forth the virtual world into reality. You are guaranteed a live interaction with storybook heroes and villains; bright colors, tumultuous emotions, and tumultuous music. The effect on the conscious is unpredictable, but the positive changes to the lower portion of the brain stem are irreversible.

Кирилл Бурцов

Kirill Burtsev

Вячеслав Колесников

Vyacheslav Kolesnikov


Theater, for me, is a test of a mind's flexibility. An opportunity to alter one's self to an almost unrecognizable state, yet lending a slither of one's soul to the role. A sort of a magical combination of people and their engorged emotions, burning with the colors of love, sadness, happiness, suffering, pain, and pleasure. They all come together into one amalgamation, grab you and never let go, always remaining in your heart.

Генаддий Сергеенко

Gennadiy Sergienko

Марина Музыченко


Marina Muzychenko